We believe in doing good business. We believe in taking care of people and we believe that when you put good energy and service out there, you get good energy and service back.

We've transitioned our business about 5 times over the last 10 years and we now believe we have the recipe for success and that's providing quality print, design and custom apparel service to you.

The Print Stash exists for only one reason and that's to ensure perfection for all things business!

Giving Back

Our owner has a vision that prejudice and injustice can end and he wants his hand in the mix. Each month we take a portion of our proceeds and give it to an organization that is truly making a difference in local communities.

In addition to the donation, we courageously offer the best prices for non-profit organizations. We will beat any price and offer the absolute best service and experience. 

Don't just take; serve and give back!